Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Something on a blog I read really rang true with me today.  On the blog Elephants & Owls, Jessica commented on how she tried on an outfit and looked in the mirror and it looked good, then when she took a picture of it, she realized it didn't look so good.  This really hit home for me. Now that I am taking pictures of my daily outfits on me instead of just using my virtual closet pictures, I actually see the opposite of what Jessica saw.  And that's that the outfits I wear actually do look good.  I think I am extremely (we all are) critical of how I look at myself in the mirror, I immediately look at my "trouble" spots and think, are they covered up, can you notice them, etc.  But when I took a picture and looked at the picture, I thought "that looks like a really put together woman".  And then I thought to myself, I bet this is how I look to most people out in the world.   

What an epiphany! I think we all need to start looking at ourselves through other's eyes.  To take our own critical view of ourselves and throw it out the window, maybe then you can start to appreciate yourself and stop being your toughest critic!

My Outfit- Closet Couture

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feeling Scholary

I am feeling very scholarly today, for some reason every time I put a button down shirt on I feel very academic and scholarly.  I guess the fact that I wear glasses adds to the feeling.  

My Outfits- Closet Couture

Today I jumped on the chambray bandwagon and figured out a cute way to wear my chambray shirt from Old Navy.  I really like it, not only am I warm but I feel like the layer really adds dimension to my outfit.  This is something I am just recently striving to do.  Looking put together is important to me and I feel like if you layer your outfit it adds visual interest and depth to it; therefore you look more put together (at least that's my theory anyway).  Also see below for my new nail art!

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Monday, February 27, 2012


Today was the coldest day of the week, so I wanted to make sure that I dressed appropriately.  I decided to forgo my regular jeans today and go for my warmer navy blue wide leg pants (I love these pants!) I also tried a color combination I have never tried before and that's purple and green.  I bought a new necklace this weekend and I added it to a cowl neck purple sweater that I like.  I topped it all off with a jean jacket, just for an extra layer of warmth!

My Outfits- Closet Couture

My sister and grandma and I went shopping this weekend, I picked up a few things to add to my closet. It has been quite some time since my sister and grandma and I went shopping together.  We quickly fell back into our old patterns and had a great time.  

My sister and I got goofy at the end of the day and started trying on some of the same things.  It's funny how the same item can look so different on two people with VERY different body types.  My sister is short and petite and skinny, her biggest challenge is fitting her hips and butt into a pair of pants without having too big of a gap in the back and to find pants that aren't too long (she had to get most of her pants tailored). Me on the other hand, I am tall and have a fuller figure, especially on top, while my lower half is skinnier.  My biggest challenge is finding tops and blazers to fit my upper half, it is also really tough for me to find dresses that fit my upper body without overwhelming my lower half. 

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Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday!  Today I wore my FAVORITE blazer.  I spent weeks coveting this blazer from White House Black Market.  It was way too expensive for me, so I waited and waited and WAITED for it to go on sale and finally it did.  Luckily I work right across the street from the store so I called to see if they still had my size in stock.  I went and tried it on and fell in love.  And bought it for 50% off! 

My Outfits- Closet Couture
Thought I'd do a product review today because I had to pull on the winter boots again this morning.  It was snowy and slushy and cold and my feet were warm and dry and cozy in my winter boots.  My husband actually researched online and found the Sorel boots.  I picked out the ones that I like and when they came in the mail I was so excited.  Not only were they warm and fit perfectly they are suprisingly lightweight, which is great because I walk a mile to get to work every day so I needed something that wasn't going to weight me down.  So if you're looking to buy winter boots I strongly suggest trying the Sorel's!

*I was not given any compensation or goods in exchange for this product, the opinions are my own.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas & Old Wives Tales

When I picked out my clothes last night (yes I pick out my clothes the night before, actually I pick out two outfits to choose from), I wanted comfort, even though I had to dress up today. I went with a dress that I usually reserve for parties.  It's a little shorter of a hemline then I usually do, but because it's winter I added tights and boots and suddenly it became more work appropriate.  

I also committed what we used to consider a Fashion Faux Pas...wearing black and brown together! AHHH! I actually really LOVE this combination as well as black and navy blue.  So I consider these old wives tales now and say GO for it.  I got inspired by a great Black & Brown outfit idea from one the blogs I read, it's called What The Frock?  I absolutely LOVE this blog.  Dana's blog is consistently great, she finds a celebrity (or even a fellow blogger) with a cute outfit and copycats it with items that are not only currently available but also budget conscious.  Let me tell you, this girl is SCARY good at this.  The items she find almost always look exactly like what the celebrity is wearing.  Don't know how she nails it every time, but she does!  
My Outfits- Closet Couture & What The Frock?

Also, thought it'd be fun to share that my dog was featured on the Pretty Fluffy today.  This is a blog dedicated to pet owners and the author Serena features a picture of a dog with a funny caption every day.  Today my dog Jak was featured.  Just go to her blog and click on the button Daily Fluffy.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


There are only a few times a month where I really just want to wear sweatpants to work.  Today, was one of those days.  However, since I can't really do that, I have a pair of black knit pants from New York & Company that I pull out on said days, they do the job every time!  So this is my outfit for today, comfy and not really stepping out of my comfort zone, however, I have never worn these two colors together before, so I guess that's a step in the right direction.  Sigh...

My Outfits- Closet Couture

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something Special

Don't you wish every day you could feel like you were wearing something special.  Isn't that what makes you feel confident? Isn't that the goal every day, to feel special and confident

That is what I strive for, however, my problem is I have trouble feeling like I am wearing something special unless I have something new in my outfit.  I feel like if I am wearing something new, it's something special.  

Therefore, after the first few wears it doesn't feel as special anymore. Inevitably, I keep adding new things to my wardrobe to make me and it (the wardrobe... it has feelings too :p) feel special.

So readers: How do you keep feeling that something is special every time you wear it?  I know not every piece you wear will each individually feel special, but how do you always make it so you feel special everyday? 

My Outfits- Closet Couture

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunny Days

It has been so sunny and nice lately, it's really getting me in the mood for Spring.  This weekend we celebrated one of my best friend's birthday.  I really wanted to wear my new tank top I got from Marshall's and decided I didn't care if I looked too fancy for the restaurant we were going to. I am starting to realize that I worry way to much about if I will be too fancy or too casual or not put together enough.   I even worry about whether or not something looks exactly right.  

Wow, it's exhausting.  So this weekend I decided to say "who cares", and just wear what I wanted to, without thinking if it was too fancy or thinking it looked exactly right.  It really opened up my mind and honestly relaxed me enough to take some chances (very small chances) but chances. 

I think I am starting to feel this way because I am reading all of these wonderful blogs about other fashion experimenting gals who always say experiment, have fun and be confident. This week I am going to try and just go for it!  Who cares if it doesn't look perfect, or if I am too fancy or not fancy enough.  And the best part is I am realizing when I relax and do go for it, I do look more put together than I even thought I would, go figure!

Sunday Evening: My Outfits- Closet Couture

Monday's Outfit
I also tried some remixing and re-imaging my wardrobe using Audrey from Putting Me Together's Remixable Wardrobe guide!  I think for my first try it wasn't too bad, but I do need to try and mix it up with different colors. What do you think?

My Outfits- Closet Couture

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspired Wardrobe

Happy Friday! My outfit today wasn't exactly inspired, but the second installment of Putting Me Together's Building a Remixable Wardrobe was, I can't wait to go home and use Audrey's tips to remix, rethink and reengergize my current wardrobe! 

Thanks to Audrey again for making it so 
simple to remix your wardrobe!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheapskates- Lessons Learning

Yes, I will admit it I'm a cheapskate.  It's not that I try to be cheap with people, I don't skimp on tipping people or paying for things that are worth it.  But when it comes to clothes and accessories and beauty products, I am a cheapskate.  I just think that paying $100+ for a single item of clothing is ridiculous.  

On the flip side, I applaud people who save up to buy the $100+ coveted item and keep it for 10 years.  That's just not me, there are very few things that I purchase at full price or that I will spend more than $50 for.  I am trying in my quest to step out of my fashion box to not buy as many things but instead buy things that are more expensive because they fit better and are better quality and I will have them for a longer period of time.  
 I blame my cheapskate(ness) on this Grandma (glad she doesn't use the internet), she is the one who used to take me shopping and taught me (inadvertently) about the thrill of a sale.  This 87 year old woman STILL gloats to me when she goes shopping and finds a blouse that was originally $78 (she would NEVER buy it at that price) and she got it for $17.99.  I have definitely followed in this woman's footsteps and really if I look as fabulous as she does at 87 I'll be proud to be a cheapskate!

Thursday's Outfit- My Outfit- Closet Couture

Which type of person are you? Do you refuse to pay for an item of clothing that you know will go on sale in a couple of weeks, and refuse to pay for things you KNOW should be cheaper?  Or do you find an item you absolutely LOVE and save up to spend over $100+ for it, and wear it all the time because you love it that much? 

Speaking of being a cheapskate (i.e. bargain hunter) check out my Daily Deal for the day, it's 50% off! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Playing "Dress" Up

Only in the last 5 years have I started wearing skirts and dresses more often than pants.  I don't know why I went through a phase of only wearing pants...what was I thinking?  Skirts and especially dress are SO much more comfortable.  Today I wore a dress because it's a little warmer and I figured I should wear my sweater dress now before *pouf* it's Spring.  Don't forget to check out my Daily Deal today good deals on Spring Dresses!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scarf Belt

Today I tried an idea that I picked up from Kenzie on  In her post she wore her scarf as a belt a scarf-belt!  I wanted to use this idea because that gives you so many more options for belts.  Not to mention with scarfs you can make them as loose or as tight as you need to!  I did take the easy way out and I wore a scarf-belt that was very incognito underneath my blazer/jacket that I am wearing.  I figured I'd start small and then work my way up to how Kenzie is sporting hers!

Jacket/ebay (Victoria Secret)
Tank top/F21

I have also decided to add a "Daily Deal" to the bottom of my blog.  This will be a coupon or a deal going on at the stores I shop at and maybe you do too!  Hopefully, my "Daily Deal" will snag you some great clothes at extra affordable prices!  Happy Shopping!


Monday, February 13, 2012

To Match or To Go that is the question

Today I tried to copy an outfit from one of the blogs I follow.  It's called Elephants & Owls. It's a blog by two stylish ladies; Jessica and Kellie.  I used one of Kellie's outfits to copy as my outfit today.  I probably wouldn't have paired this blazer and shirt together, because it doesn't match exactly.  It's hard to see in the picture but the shirt has little flowers on it that are teal, pink and lime colored and my blazer is a rose color. 

This is something I tend to do, I have to match colors.  When I really should remember what Stacy and Clinton always say on What Not To Wear (on TLC), things don't have to match they just have to go.  So that is what I tried to do today, this is something I will continue to have to work on. 

Do you wear matching colors or are you able to wear things that don't match but still go together?

Jeans/Gap Outlet
Necklace/Pay Half
Shoes/Old Navy


Friday, February 10, 2012

And We're BACK!

Happy Friday! Closet Couture is finally up and running again, I know it sounds stupid but sometimes it's easier to see different outfit combinations when I am using my online closet than when I am just staring inside my actual closet.  I was kind of happy with my outfits this week but I scoured the Internet today and I found some really cute ideas I will be putting into my wardrobe just to mix it up a bit.  

I was also really excited to find a series from blogger Audrey at Putting Me Together entitled "Remixing".  I really think it is crucial to learn the art of remixing, so that you can truly get the most of your wardrobe and not have to invest in so many pieces, season after season.  I think this is the key for me to saving money (by not buying as many pieces of clothing) but still feel as if I am able to keep it interesting.  I think that getting bored of your wardrobe is a big reason why a lot of people go shopping (it is for me at least).  But by learning how to remix and as Audrey puts is "reimagine" your pieces you can create so many different outfits, that actually FEEL like different outfits, it will be hard to get bored!  So stay tuned for my takes on Audrey's Putting Me Together's series.  The next part of the series she promises will show you how to shop for versatile pieces! Can't wait Audrey (hope you don't mind me quoting you and gloating over you!)

This is the kind of remixing Audrey shows you! Love it! One dress so many options!

Moving on to this past week, below are my outfits for this week!

My Outfits- Closet Couture

Tuesday: Needed to dress warm it was COLD out! (wasn't I just saying how warm it was last week?)

Swearter/Ann Taylor                                                                        Jean Jacket/Gap Outlet                                         Pants/Loft                                                            Shirt/Thrifted                                                                                  Shoes- Gap                                                                          Necklace/Old Navy                                                                 Earrings/?

My Outfits- Closet Couture

Wednesday: Needed to dress up for work, but be warm! I also wore one of the clip on flowers I got from Payless attached to my necklace.  I kind of looked girly (where did that come from? I confess I kind of like it!)

Blazer/Esprit (this is one just like it)
Belt/New York & Co
Earrings/Target ($1!)
Necklace/Old Navy (I think?)
Skirt/New York & Co
Shirt/Max Studio (Marshalls)
Flower Pin/Hairclip/Payless
Boots/Aerosoles (Marshalls)

Thursday: Tried wearing a belt over an open cardigan, had to add the blazer to make it look right!

My Outfits- Closet Couture
Tank/Esprit (this is one like it)   
Earrings/New York & Co
Belt/Charming Charlie
Shoes/Two Lips

My Outfits- Closet Couture

Friday: It was a really cold and snowy day, so I had to dress appropriately with a sweater AND a blazer.  I have never wore this sweater with a blazer before.  I forgot how much I like this sweater (it was a gift from my husband...he gets so excited when I wear it!).

Sweater/Gifted (New York & Co)

 Have a great weekend!