Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disappearing Act

Hello, as some of you may of noticed I haven't been posting the past few weeks.  The first week of not posting was because I was having technical difficulties, then I was on vacation and last week, well I have no excuse.  

I have decided that I will not be blogging anymore.  This is not due to the lack of interest (I know it takes a lot of time and effort to build interest) but because of the lack of time.  I was able to blog on a daily basis because my work life was slow, now that it's picking up I need to concentrate on that. 

Also, I feel as if blogging was causing me more stress than it was helping to alleviate stress.  I love clothes and shopping and putting outfits together and I feel like in the short 3 months I was doing this I learned a lot about style and my own style.  

I do feel like I stepped out of my box.  But because I stepped out of my box, I found that I lost part of my true self along the way.  It's ok if my outfits are simple or if I don't like to wear lots of colors, etc.  That's me.  During the blogging process I was trying to do so many different things to take my style even further, I feel as though I was on the road to changing my style instead of just improving it.  The process of improving and changing my style was exhausting.  Trying to plan out my outfits every day so they were "perfect."  I actually never wore the same outfit twice, which is admirable, but EXHAUSTING.  

I also feel as if by trying to step out of my box so much I was taking myself further away from what my true stye is and I have always liked my style (there is always room for improvement).  While blogging and reading other fantastic blogs, it fueled my desire to shop and get new things.  This was also a good and a bad thing.  I think that it helped me to not keep buying the same thing over and over again, but it also made me feel as if I had to keep up with all the trends.  I realize now this is impossible.  

I read in a book excerpt the other day : "I have found (through careful and bemused observance) that the women who take fashion and style too seriously start to go a bit crazy, and crazy looks good on very, very select few.  Cool, calm and confident however, looks good on pretty much anyone."  (from "The Little Black Book" of Style Nina Garcia).  

This quote says it exactly.  And so I have decided to focus on other things in my life, rather than focusing so much on my appearance and the clothes I wear.  I have decided to work on my inner confidence rather than trying to create more confidence by the clothes I wear.  I understand that feeling put together and pretty helps boost your confidence but it should never be the source.  

For those of you bloggers who have been doing this for a long time.  Kudos to you, I am infinitely impressed.  And for those of you who read my blog, thanks for reading and thanks for your comments.  

*Remember in the future if you're ever at a loss of what to wear "when in doubt wear red."


Monday, April 16, 2012


Worked all weekend, needless to say I am exhausted. I just threw this outfit together this morning.  Comfortable yet still casually professional.  How was your weekend?

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Loving this Weather

Happy Friday (the 13th)! Personally, I think 60 degree weather is fantastic.  I felt so light today wearing just a light jacket and a light sweater.  Going to be a long weekend.  Stay tuned next week for my scarf post! 
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Case for Brown

About 5 years ago, I was introduced to the color brown.  Oh sure I knew there was a color brown and I wore it sometimes.  However, whenever I wore anything with color I usually paired it with black.  Until one day I bought a brown sweater and started wearing it with blues and greens, etc.  Now brown is a wardrobe staple for me.  Do you wear brown?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Scarves

Today I wore yet another scarf.  They are just perfect for the type of weather we're having in the Midwest.  Also, the way I am wearing my scarf today makes me feel like I am wearing a printed top or a really elaborate necklace.  It doesn't matter that I am wearing all black on top because the scarf acts as my visual interest.  A friend of mine asked me how I like to wear scarves and how to wear scarves when it's warm out.  Stay tuned next week, I will do a post on everything scarves!

I apologize for how bad the picture is. I didn't notice when taking the picture how bad the lighting and the dust was!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An advocate for scarves

I am a huge advocate for scarves.  I have been wearing scarves for over 10 years.  Not only to stay warm but to add interest to an outfit.  Look at how boring my outfit looks without a scarf and when I add a complimentary scarf to it, it's much more interesting.  Very subtle but more interesting.  Do you wear scarves?

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well, I'm back in the saddle.  I had a weird week last week and missed some days blogging.  But I'm back, sorry for my absence!  The weather here is still a bit cooler (which I secretly like) and so I wanted to wear jeans and a blazer.  I am really liking mixing navy blue with other colors lately.  
I also wanted to blog about this great product that I use on occasion.  It's called Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.  It's basically makeup that goes on your legs.  Normally, I just wear self-tan lotion, but I forget how nice this Sally Hansen spray makes your legs look.  For me it's not necessarily looking like I have a tan but to cover up my REALLY white legs and so my veins don't show as much.  The best thing is it just washes right off!

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