Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheapskates- Lessons Learning

Yes, I will admit it I'm a cheapskate.  It's not that I try to be cheap with people, I don't skimp on tipping people or paying for things that are worth it.  But when it comes to clothes and accessories and beauty products, I am a cheapskate.  I just think that paying $100+ for a single item of clothing is ridiculous.  

On the flip side, I applaud people who save up to buy the $100+ coveted item and keep it for 10 years.  That's just not me, there are very few things that I purchase at full price or that I will spend more than $50 for.  I am trying in my quest to step out of my fashion box to not buy as many things but instead buy things that are more expensive because they fit better and are better quality and I will have them for a longer period of time.  
 I blame my cheapskate(ness) on this Grandma (glad she doesn't use the internet), she is the one who used to take me shopping and taught me (inadvertently) about the thrill of a sale.  This 87 year old woman STILL gloats to me when she goes shopping and finds a blouse that was originally $78 (she would NEVER buy it at that price) and she got it for $17.99.  I have definitely followed in this woman's footsteps and really if I look as fabulous as she does at 87 I'll be proud to be a cheapskate!

Thursday's Outfit- My Outfit- Closet Couture

Which type of person are you? Do you refuse to pay for an item of clothing that you know will go on sale in a couple of weeks, and refuse to pay for things you KNOW should be cheaper?  Or do you find an item you absolutely LOVE and save up to spend over $100+ for it, and wear it all the time because you love it that much? 

Speaking of being a cheapskate (i.e. bargain hunter) check out my Daily Deal for the day, it's 50% off! 

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