Monday, February 13, 2012

To Match or To Go that is the question

Today I tried to copy an outfit from one of the blogs I follow.  It's called Elephants & Owls. It's a blog by two stylish ladies; Jessica and Kellie.  I used one of Kellie's outfits to copy as my outfit today.  I probably wouldn't have paired this blazer and shirt together, because it doesn't match exactly.  It's hard to see in the picture but the shirt has little flowers on it that are teal, pink and lime colored and my blazer is a rose color. 

This is something I tend to do, I have to match colors.  When I really should remember what Stacy and Clinton always say on What Not To Wear (on TLC), things don't have to match they just have to go.  So that is what I tried to do today, this is something I will continue to have to work on. 

Do you wear matching colors or are you able to wear things that don't match but still go together?

Jeans/Gap Outlet
Necklace/Pay Half
Shoes/Old Navy


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