Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas & Old Wives Tales

When I picked out my clothes last night (yes I pick out my clothes the night before, actually I pick out two outfits to choose from), I wanted comfort, even though I had to dress up today. I went with a dress that I usually reserve for parties.  It's a little shorter of a hemline then I usually do, but because it's winter I added tights and boots and suddenly it became more work appropriate.  

I also committed what we used to consider a Fashion Faux Pas...wearing black and brown together! AHHH! I actually really LOVE this combination as well as black and navy blue.  So I consider these old wives tales now and say GO for it.  I got inspired by a great Black & Brown outfit idea from one the blogs I read, it's called What The Frock?  I absolutely LOVE this blog.  Dana's blog is consistently great, she finds a celebrity (or even a fellow blogger) with a cute outfit and copycats it with items that are not only currently available but also budget conscious.  Let me tell you, this girl is SCARY good at this.  The items she find almost always look exactly like what the celebrity is wearing.  Don't know how she nails it every time, but she does!  
My Outfits- Closet Couture & What The Frock?

Also, thought it'd be fun to share that my dog was featured on the Pretty Fluffy today.  This is a blog dedicated to pet owners and the author Serena features a picture of a dog with a funny caption every day.  Today my dog Jak was featured.  Just go to her blog and click on the button Daily Fluffy.

Daily Deal


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