Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something Special

Don't you wish every day you could feel like you were wearing something special.  Isn't that what makes you feel confident? Isn't that the goal every day, to feel special and confident

That is what I strive for, however, my problem is I have trouble feeling like I am wearing something special unless I have something new in my outfit.  I feel like if I am wearing something new, it's something special.  

Therefore, after the first few wears it doesn't feel as special anymore. Inevitably, I keep adding new things to my wardrobe to make me and it (the wardrobe... it has feelings too :p) feel special.

So readers: How do you keep feeling that something is special every time you wear it?  I know not every piece you wear will each individually feel special, but how do you always make it so you feel special everyday? 

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