Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Something on a blog I read really rang true with me today.  On the blog Elephants & Owls, Jessica commented on how she tried on an outfit and looked in the mirror and it looked good, then when she took a picture of it, she realized it didn't look so good.  This really hit home for me. Now that I am taking pictures of my daily outfits on me instead of just using my virtual closet pictures, I actually see the opposite of what Jessica saw.  And that's that the outfits I wear actually do look good.  I think I am extremely (we all are) critical of how I look at myself in the mirror, I immediately look at my "trouble" spots and think, are they covered up, can you notice them, etc.  But when I took a picture and looked at the picture, I thought "that looks like a really put together woman".  And then I thought to myself, I bet this is how I look to most people out in the world.   

What an epiphany! I think we all need to start looking at ourselves through other's eyes.  To take our own critical view of ourselves and throw it out the window, maybe then you can start to appreciate yourself and stop being your toughest critic!

My Outfit- Closet Couture

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  1. Thank you for putting it all in perspective! It's hard not to be critical of oneself at times, but a girl's got keep her assets in mind. :) -Jessica

    1. Definitely! Thanks for reading Jessica!