Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feeling Scholary

I am feeling very scholarly today, for some reason every time I put a button down shirt on I feel very academic and scholarly.  I guess the fact that I wear glasses adds to the feeling.  

My Outfits- Closet Couture

Today I jumped on the chambray bandwagon and figured out a cute way to wear my chambray shirt from Old Navy.  I really like it, not only am I warm but I feel like the layer really adds dimension to my outfit.  This is something I am just recently striving to do.  Looking put together is important to me and I feel like if you layer your outfit it adds visual interest and depth to it; therefore you look more put together (at least that's my theory anyway).  Also see below for my new nail art!

Daily Deal 

I was not compensated or given any goods in exchange for my daily deal


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