Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scarf Belt

Today I tried an idea that I picked up from Kenzie on kenziefaith.blogspot.com.  In her post she wore her scarf as a belt a scarf-belt!  I wanted to use this idea because that gives you so many more options for belts.  Not to mention with scarfs you can make them as loose or as tight as you need to!  I did take the easy way out and I wore a scarf-belt that was very incognito underneath my blazer/jacket that I am wearing.  I figured I'd start small and then work my way up to how Kenzie is sporting hers!

Jacket/ebay (Victoria Secret)
Tank top/F21

I have also decided to add a "Daily Deal" to the bottom of my blog.  This will be a coupon or a deal going on at the stores I shop at and maybe you do too!  Hopefully, my "Daily Deal" will snag you some great clothes at extra affordable prices!  Happy Shopping!


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