Friday, March 9, 2012

Upgrading and My It List

Happy FRIDAY!  It's been a long week, so I am ready for a nice sunny weekend! Today I had to dress up for work and since I wore skirts two days in a row I decided to wear pants today.  I am wearing one of my favorite blazers, that I coveted and bought on sale at White House Black Market.  When I bought the blazer I thought the buttons cheapened the look of it so I bought some new buttons and changed them.  I think when you buy a piece or you want to update a piece of clothing, this kind of thing is so easy to do and can not only update your look but it can make something look more luxurious, it's definitely worth the effort!
See below for my IT list!

My It List.  This collection of items is something I made in Polyvore to show you the types of things that are on my current shopping list.  I want to add some colorful skirts and blazers into my wardrobe as well a few accessories!  Plus a pair of Olive cargo pants (olive pants are a neutral you know), this way I can really step out of my fashion box and pair them with something other than brown or black (you'll be in the front row for when that happens!)

It list

Daily Deal


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