Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Leopard Wedge Shoe Indulgence

Yesterday (with a little push from my sister), I bought a pair of shoes I have been drooling over.  I tried on these shoes a couple of weekends ago and fell in love with them.  They were too expensive for me but I decided to keep an eye out for them online to see when they went on sale.  Well they did start to go on sale and starting disappearing as well!  So I finally went to Macy's yesterday and ordered them.  Although they were full price ($99), I had two gift cards to use and ended up spending only $17 on these fabulous shoes.  I felt very indulgent and a bit annoyed because I never buy things that expensive (even though I barely spent any of my own money, it still felt very indulgent).  But after that feeling wore off, I just started getting excited.  I can't wait to get them, I will put an outfit together specifically to showcase these shoes when I get them! What do you think? (thanks for talking me into them sis!)

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