Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17 January 2012

Today I decided to try wearing a scarf in a color I wouldn't normally wear and to wear the scarf differently than I usually do.  I love scarves and am no stranger to wearing scarves 
(I was wearing winter scarves to keep warm before it became an essential item in every woman's closet).  But I always wear them the same way.  I have been watching videos on how to tie different types of scarves, I decided to try one of the square scarf ties today.  Below is a picture of one of my favorite bloggers.  I took my outfit inspiration from  her today with the wide leg jeans, blazer and scarf but I decided to tie my scarf a bit differently.  What do you think? 

From blogger Jessica Quirk (what I wore)
My Outfits- Closet Couture
Google Images- This is how I tied my scarf

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