Friday, March 30, 2012

Rain rain go away

Happy Friday! It's a rainy gloomy day today.  I tried to not let the gloom get me down and wear a bright color.  I chose purple today.  This is a shirt I got from Express the other day.  On sale for $22!  I love me a sale. Do you only shop sale items, or do you allow yourself to splurge a little bit now and then?  What do you splurge on?

Daily Deal
The only items I buy full price are items under $30 and bras.  I don't skimp on bras.  You absolutely get your money's worth.  I went to Intimacy to get a bra fitting about a year and a half ago and it changed my life! Not only did look like I immediately dropped 15 pounds, I was able to fit better in my clothes and not sag.  I went into their store wearing a 38DD and walked out wearing a 34G.  What a difference!  The prices just about made me pass out.  But when I looked at my tatas all high and dry and found out that I could get the bras altered for FREE for the life of the bra, I decided to go for it!  Have you ever been a professional bra fitter before?
Just as a side note...this is the little sad face I had to leave this morning.  He was scared of the thunder.  Wish I could have stayed in bed like he gets to all day!


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