Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Looks

Happy Saturday! (sorry I missed Friday) It was a rainy day yesterday and a bit chillier than it's been in a couple of weeks.  I wore one of my favorite jacket/blazers with one of my favorite scarves and instead of tying the scarf in some fancy way I just let it hang.  I really like this look and will probably do it again soon!

Daily Deal
Went shopping with my grandma yesterday.  I have been wanting to go to JCPenney to see their new clothes and to see their new way of doing things. Click here if you haven't seen the new commercials (featuring Ellen) or their new marketing initiative. I'm in market research so I was very interested in seeing how this new strategy would work for them.  Basically JcPenney had to overhaul their stores in order to stay in business.  Consumers that shopped at JCPenney were ONLY buying their sale items, so basically they decided to revamp their approach.  Not only did they lower their prices by 40% they also implemented a new way of pricing things.  Instead of their tags saying $14.99 or $34.99, they simply say $15 or $35. Also there are two price systems;"Everyday" prices and "Best"prices, which are items that are on clearance.  New items are given "Best" prices every first and third Friday of the month.  They also have streamlined their tags to be easy to read, no more stickers overlapping stickers, or signs that say 40% off the lowest price, yadda yadda.  And last but not least they have little boutiques inside their stores.  For instance MNG by Mango has all of their merchandise in one area, just like other department stores like Macy's are organized.  
With that being said, I saw a lot of great merchandise for good prices.  I picked up two items at the "Best" price.  I bought this skirt of $10 and a shirt for $9! To see jcp's new website click here.


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