Friday, March 2, 2012

Accessory Overload

Happy Friday!  It's no secret I LOVE me some accessories.  I don't leave the house with anything less than 3 rings (my wedding rings & another ring), 6 earrings (I have 3 holes in each ear), a necklace (or 2) my watch, a bracelet (or 2) and possibly a scarf or belt.  I know this seems like overload, but I truly think this is what makes my style totally me.  

Once again I learned about accessories through my grandma.  She's got two drawers full of accessories that I secretly love to go through when I am at her house (just like my sister and I did when we were younger).  My Grandma loves to match her accessories exactly to her outfit.  She also really tries to match her earrings to her necklace.  I learned from her how to accessorize. Now though I am trying to step away from all the matchy matchy and go for more contrast and mixing things up, hence my outfit today.  My outfit itself is pretty simple because my accessories are the focus.  I mixed a animal print belt with a beautiful handmade scarf that I bought from Etsy, from a woman in Turkey.  Usually I do not do international orders, but after seeing this woman's Etsy website I had to give it a try.  Her scarves are magnificent, and VERY affordable.  Check it out here!

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