Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Today was another semi-casual day.  I really wanted to try and wear stripes, it seems that this trend is just getting hotter and hotter.  I have been shying away from stripes because I've always heard that women with large "girls" shouldn't wear horizontal stripes.  However, I found a shirt at Marshalls that was blousy enough to keep the "girls" looking good and I tucked in the shirt and belted it so it looked like I had a waist! I pared it with a color blazer and jeans!

My Outfits- Closet Couture

Belt/JcPenney (attached to a dress)
Jeans/Gap Outlet

This is one technique I have found to be really helpful.  A lot of times it is hard for women with big "girls" to wear shirts that not only fit them but that don't make them look 30 lbs heavier than they are.  I started wearing belts in the last year with everything.  And recently I have added wearing skinny belts.  If you find just the right spot to wear the belt it can really make you look the size you really are (instead of two sized larger).  I tend to wear my wide belts around the biggest part of me, I know this sounds contradictory to everything you've read, but I do it to hide and synch in my love handles.  I find that if I wear the belt right under my bust which is the smallest part of me I accentuate my love handles.  But if I wear the belt around my waist and love handles it camouflages this.  When I wear skinny belts I tend to wear those right underneath my bust and I don't synch them too tight, but that way it accentuates the smallest part of me without shining a spotlight on my love handles. I recently read a fashion blog where the fashionista wore a scarf as a belt.  I intend to try this next week! To read  about Kenzie Faith's scarf belt idea click here.

Kenzie Faith

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