Thursday, January 26, 2012

Size is just a number...

While reading many other blogs today, I came across a few blogs that spoke about the ridiculous images in the media that are supposed to portray "real" beauty and saying that a size 6 is plus size.  It seems as if this is a topic that keeps coming up.  While looking at other people's blogs daily, I also notice that there a lot of blogs for ladies that are average sizes or plus size ladies.  A lot of the average gals have great ways to save money on outfits shopping at places like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, etc. 

This is great, but what about the ladies who are in between?  What do they wear? Truthfully, I haven't found any bottoms at Forever 21 I can fit into.  So where do we shop? How do we look appropriate for work without spending a bundle?  These are things I'd love to share with my readers.

I figure I'd start by telling everyone a little bit more about me and my size.  I am neither average nor plus size.  I am just about 5'9" and wear a size 12.  I also have substantial sized "girls" (34G), which seems to be the hardest thing to dress on my body.  

My point is when you are reading my blog or looking for a blog of someone who is not an average size nor plus size and need some inspiration on how to dress their body, I hope I can be of help.  Plus I am a BARGAIN shopper.  I have spent a lot of time reading and watching shows such as "What Not to Wear", "How Do I Look?", etc.  And while I am still learning how to dress my body to accentuate all of the right areas, I think I have a pretty good understanding of what looks good on my body.  So please stay tuned, I will be starting to post pictures of myself wearing these outfits so you can see just how they look on me (love handles and all).  I'd love to get your comments and advice on the outfits I wear!

Today's outfit was inspired about the fact that I wanted to be comfortable and work appropriate today!  

My Outfits- Closet Couture
Shirt- thrifted (the shirt/sweater set is actually black and royal blue polka dots)
Blazer- eBay
Earrings- Payless
Pants- Gap
Shoes- Sears
Necklace- Old Navy ($1.99)

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